As a club member of Southport Toastmasters, you are encouraged to set and achieve goals at YOUR OWN PACE, with continuous support and encouragement from your fellow members.

After joining, you will receive a detailed members training pack, to help you get started.

There are initially 2 programs available to follow:

1. Speaking Development - Competent Communicator

The speaking programme consists of completing 10 speeches as outlined in the beginning manual, the “Competent Communicator Manual”.

Each speech highlights a specific aspect of speaking and generally are of 5 – 7 minutes duration. Once again you are in control of the pace at which you attempt each speech.

Evaluation is vital to enable speakers to learn and to receive positive feedback. There is a procedure to follow when evaluating. Begin by citing good points, then offer a point for improvement and then finish with more praise. It’s always best to finish on a positive note.

To improve impromptu speaking (a valued skill for interviews), the Table Topics session is excellent. Once again, the emphasis is on having fun whilst learning.

2. Leadership Development - Competent Leader

Leadership skills may be developed through participation in the various meeting roles. For more details about the many meeting roles, ask for the handout, “Toastmasters Meeting Roles”.

There is also the opportunity to learn about business meetings and how to a conduct a formal business meeting. These are held once a month, usually during the first meeting of each month. This is an important part of our meeting, giving committee members the opportunity to keep members informed of events and relevant information.

Leadership development also occurs by joining the executive committee.

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